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VoIP is the technology that allows the making and receiving of telephone calls over your broadband connectivity. Tidy are able to offer a fully featured cloud telephony solution that is easy to implement and easy to control – plus its almost guaranteed to save you money. We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee!

Traditionally, firms that wanted telephone lines on their premises had to have a Private Branch Exchange (PBX), which would be connected by analogue or digital lines. The PBX would provide the intelligence to route the calls around the office as required, and the telephone lines would allow calls to be made and received to the outside world.

However, with Voice over IP technology allowing calls to be carried over data networks, the PBX no longer needs to be connected to physical telephone lines, nor does it need to be on site – it can be accessed from anywhere.

Here are 5 ways that a hosted VoIP solution can save you money:

  1. Lower call charges – pence per minute charges will be considerably less or may even be free (depending on your package)
  2. No maintenance contracts – you won’t be burdened with expensive servicing, warranty and hardware contracts
  3. Single network – having a single network for voice and data means IT departments have one single area to manage, and that also equals lower maintenance costs.
  4. Minimise travel expenses – VoIP solutions can offer conferencing, video and web collaboration features, so employees don’t necessarily have to leave the office, or home, to conduct or attend meetings.
  5. Hardware/licensing costs – Hosted phone systems that are managed in the cloud can often be expanded without any of the additional hardware/licencing costs associated with a traditional system.

All you need to set up Hosted VoIP is access to the Internet, and a VoIP-enabled phone, or software that enables users to access the service.

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