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Satellite & Mobile Broadband Tidy Technology Solutions
With the advent of 4G mobile data networks and improvements in satellite technology, broadband is now more accessible than ever before.

Tidy have a range of innovative solutions for ensuring connectivity is available to all businesses, regardless of location.

Satellite Broadband

Speeds of up to 22MBPS can now be achieved via your own satellite link. Tidy can arrange for a free site survey to ensure we can safely and securely mount your dish at a suitable location. Physical hardware can be purchased or rented and contracts range from 1 month to 12 months in duration.


With 4G, mobile networks have now achieved speeds sufficient to run a small business broadband connection. Whilst not offering the resilience of fixed or satellite connections, 4G can offer an alternative where permanent connectivity is unavailable, or even as a useful emergency network in the event of downtime from fixed lines. Tidy can enable auto-failover of connections in order that any internet or telephone connectivity downtime can be mitigated, keeping your business operational whilst any line faults are fixed.

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