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The term “Cloud” is a somewhat confusing and all-encompassing phrase. It essentially means: “Anything that is not within the four walls of your building.”

Examples of the Public Cloud would be Microsoft OneDrive, or Google Drive – whereby documents are stored or duplicated on a server somewhere other than on your local hard-drives. They are termed “Public” as anyone with an account can use the “shared space” on the cloud server.

A “Private Cloud” in effect uses the same technology (and possibly the same datacentre hard-disks that the “Public” cloud uses), but has additional security and management features built in on an organisational level – effectively creating a secure private network that does not reside on a traditional in-house infrastructure.

There are many benefits for most businesses in using some cloud based technologies. There are also many scenarios where it is simply not either practical or cost effective to use the cloud.

The majority of our clients currently have a “hybrid” infrastructure, where some applications or storage is cloud based, with other network requirements delivered locally.

An example of this would be that Office 365 may be utilised for Exchange email functionality (negating the need for an expensive on-site Exchange Server, reducing in-house backup requirements, increasing resilience and giving CapEx advantages). But the same client may well still have an on-site infrastructure to run their accountancy and database applications.

Tidy work closely with all of our clients to ensure that the cost benefit equation is always balanced in their favour, and that they are always utilising the most appropriate technologies for their specific business.

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