London Symphony Orchestra Tidy Technology Solutions
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London Symphony Orchestra Tidy Technology Solutions

Client: London Symphony Orchestra
Skills: Anti-virus

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ESET In Perfect Harmony With The London Symphony Orchestra

Switching antivirus vendors enabled the LSO to lower system resource utilisation and reduce costs with a product more suited to its needs.


Based in the Barbican in the City of London, the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) is one of the best known orchestras in the world. In addition to a hectic concert schedule, the orchestra has a dazzling array of film credits to its name, undertakes pioneering work in digital music and encourages people of all ages to discover orchestral music through its education and community programmes.

To help reduce costs the LSO turns off its computers and related equipment when not in use. This means that vital tasks such as virus scanning must be carried out during office hours at a time when it is least disruptive, normally on Friday afternoons. However, when scanning started to impact heavily on performance of the network and the productivity of employees it was decided to look for a new supplier.


“Changing end-point security is not something you undertake lightly, it can be a lot of work and can cause a lot of disruption,” explains Quentin Bradley, ICT of the LSO.“We had been using the same end-point security for a number of years, but during this time we began to use less and less of the functionality included in the product. For instance when we switched to Windows 7 we decided to use the native firewall and as such no longer needed the 3rd party desktop firewall. Not only that, the product had become highly intrusive and our computers became essentially unusable during the Friday afternoon virus scans.”

With more than 120 servers, desktops and laptops to protect the LSO decided that a product that just delivered comprehensive antivirus and antimalware protection for their equipment would be the most cost efficient and appropriate solution.


ESET Endpoint Antivirus delivers comprehensive antivirus
and antispyware protection with a range of customisable options. Whilst the LSO still run their weekly scans on a Friday afternoon, ESET’s small footprint means the impact on performance is minimal. ESET Remote Administration enables the LSO to control all endpoints from a single console, ensuring that machines and servers are always fully protected.

“We chose ESET because of its small installation, relatively low demand on system resources and its high malware detection rate. It’s also worth noting that the technical support we have received from ESET has been absolutely great. One of the aspects we like about Endpoint Antivirus is that it can be configured to work exactly how we want it to, but sometimes this means a call into ESET just to clarify a technical point. Every question or issue has been dealt with by extremely knowledgeable and helpful people. They really know their product well.”


London Symphony Orchestra Tidy Technology Solutions

A high performing security solution built on an established track record in independent testing. Advanced technologies such as cloud-powered scanning and remote administration capability make it the right fit for any size company.

System Requirements:
Windows® 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT 4.0 (SP6), Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, 2008 R2

Processor Architecture:
Intel®/AMD® x86/x64

Antivirus and Antispyware Eliminates all forms of threats, including viruses, rootkits, worms and spyware, keeping your network protected online and off. Optional cloud-powered scanning utilises our reputation database for increased scanning speed and minimal false positives.
Host-based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) Provides tampering protection and protects the system registry, processes, applications and files from unauthorised modification. You can customise the behaviour of the system down to every last detail and detect even unknown threats based on suspicious behaviour.
Device Control Lets you block unauthorised media and devices based on preset rules and parameters. Set access permissions (read/write, read, block) for individual media, devices, users and groups.
Auto-Scan of Removable Media Automatically scans USBs, CDs, and DVDs for threats upon insertion to eliminate autorun and other removable risks. Choose from these scanning options: start automatically/notify (prompt user)/do not scan.
Cross-platform Protection Exchange files and email attachments among Windows, Mac and Linux endpoints with confidence that malware targeting any of these platforms will be automatically detected and eliminated.
Prevent Macs turning into carriers of malware in the company network.
Low System Demands Leaves more system resources for programs you use daily. Our software also runs smoothly on older hardware, saving your time and costs of having to upgrade your endpoints.
Multiple Log Formats Save logs in common formats – CSV, plain text, or Windows event log for immediate analysis or harvesting. Take advantage of data being readable by 3rd party SIEM tools; RSA enVision is supported directly via a plug-in.
Update Rollback Revert virus signature and module updates to a known good state in case of encountering system incompatibilities. Opt to freeze updates temporarily or until manually changed.