Blenheim Palace Tidy Technology Solutions
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Blenheim Palace Tidy Technology Solutions

Client: Blenheim Palace
Skills: Security Solution

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Blenheim Palace Chooses a Stately Security Solution in ESET

Looking for a reliable and cost effective security solution that could meet the high demands of a popular tourist attraction, the team at Blenheim Palace turned to ESET for help. With proven protection ESET Endpoint Security was the perfect choice for their network.


Blenheim Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site visitor attraction based in Oxfordshire, attracting over 600,000 UK and international visitors every year. As well as attracting tourists all year round to the palace, park and gardens; Blenheim Palace also provides a venue for numerous special events, including seasonal children’s activities, sporting events and iconic events such as The CLA Game Fair, Battle Proms Concert and Living Crafts for Christmas.

As a popular tourist attraction there is a heavy reliance
on IT systems at the palace. According to Dave Horwell, IT Systems Manager at Blenheim Palace,“we rely on technology for admissions payment processing, 3rd parties rely on
our systems to access their own payment processing and
IT systems, visitor Wi-Fi, as well as all our own internal systems.” In order to keep all areas of business running, they need to be able to rely on the stability of the network and the security software that protects it.


The previous security product used at Blenheim Palace offered the features required, but the price was a key issue which drove the team to look around at other solutions when the existing security solution came up for renewal. The challenge for the IT team was to find a more cost effective solution without compromising on security or putting the systems at risk.

Dave Horwell, IT Systems Manager, had previous positive experience of ESET products over a number of years and
had used ESET several times in his home environment. He also looked to independent bodies such as Spiceworks for recommendations and reviews. It was essential that the security software company chosen could provide solutions to protect their key areas of IT usage including, finance, web, email, SharePoint server and SQL.


After fully researching the products available on the market, they chose to approach ESET for a quote in the hope of getting the right features for the right deal. ESET Endpoint Security delivers unparalleled protection against viruses, spyware and other types of malware. Renowned for its low use of system resources, ESET Endpoint Security provides state of the art protection without increasing IT management overheads.

“ESET offered pretty much the same level of protection with a lower resource requirement for the client machines” says Dave Horwell, IT Systems Manager at Blenheim Palace.“The remote admin console is feature rich and has an addition of giving an overview of patch levels for client machines. All of this for half thepriceIwould’vepaidhadIstuckwiththeexistingsolution.”


Blenheim Palace Tidy Technology Solutions

A comprehensive solution for company endpoints with multiple layers of protection including Antivirus, Antispyware, Firewall and Web Control. Remote administration enables centralised management from a single console.

System Requirements:
Windows® 7, Vista, XP, 2000,
Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, 2008 R2

Processor Architecture:
Intel®/AMD® x86/x64

Antivirus and Antispyware Eliminates all forms of threats, including viruses, rootkits, worms and spyware, keeping your network protected online and off. Optional cloud-powered scanning utilises our reputation database for increased scanning speed and minimal false positives.
Host-based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) Provides tampering protection and protects the system registry, processes, applications and files from unauthorised modification. You can customise the behaviour of the system down to every last detail and detect even unknown threats based on suspicious behaviour.
Web Control Allows to limit access to select website categories by a way of automatic in-the-cloud classification. Create detailed rules for user groups to comply with your company policies and block sites generating high traffic volume.
Trusted Network Detection Lets you define trusted networks and protect all other connections with strict mode, making company laptops invisible in public Wi-Fi networks in hotels, airports and at conferences.
Two-way Firewall Prevents unauthorised access to company network and protects company data from exposure. Remote administration provides a firewall rule merge wizard that makes aggregating firewall rules in the network a snap.
Client Antispam Protects your company communications from spam and email-borne threats. Set white- and blacklists and self- learning separately for each client or group. The antispam natively supports Microsoft Outlook and also filters POP3, IMAP, MAPI and HTTP protocols.
Device Control Lets you block unauthorised media and devices based on pre-set rules and parameters. Set access permissions (read/write, read, block) for individual media, devices, users and groups.
Component-based Installation Install any or all of these security components: firewall, antispam, web control, device control, Microsoft NAP support, and web access protection. You can also remotely enable/disable installed modules.
Low System Demands Ensure proven detection while leaving more system resources for programs you use daily. Our software also runs smoothly on older hardware, saving your time and costs of having to upgrade your endpoints.
Multiple Log Formats Save logs in common formats – CSV, plain text, or Windows event log for immediate analysis or harvesting. Take advantage of data being readable by 3rd party SIEM tools; RSA enVision is supported directly via a plug-in.