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The Office 365 suite of products offers a very flexible and reasonably customisable way to deploy the Office suite of products, along with powerful collaboration tools and unified communications that were previously only available to the large budgets of the Enterprise customer.

Perhaps one of the biggest immediate benefits of Office 365 however is the cost savings that it offers for the delivery and management of email.

The management of an on-site Exchange server (previously included in Small Business Server, but now has to be purchased as a separate Server licence) can be expensive. Not only would you need to purchase the licences for the server and users, but you also need to purchase the hardware, support and maintain the hardware, power the hardware and manage the backup of the data. You also have to have processes in place to manage the security of email in-house.

Using Exchange via Office 365 negates all of the above costs and management headaches. Each user gets a massive 50GB mailbox, and the whole service is delivered by Microsoft, using their servers and their resources.

In many cases, Tidy are finding that the migration of Exchange functionality to Office 365 not only brings all of the above benefits, but that it also extends the life of existing hardware, due to the fact that the email management and delivery is no longer required locally.

Office 365 offers compliance, resourcing and purchasing benefits to many SME’s. It isn’t however the answer for every client. Tidy work with each individual business to recommend and deploy technologies that are right for them – taking into account all of the relevant factors.

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