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The financial implications of maintaining a printer fleet are for many businesses an intangible cost. Typically an office will procure new printers as and when the need arises which results in multiple varieties of devices from numerous manufacturers.

The implications of this are such that there is typically that there will be the requirement to maintain stocks of a wide variety of toners, and maintenance contracts for the devices themselves will be sporadic at best.

Tidy Managed Print Services allow our clients to rationalise their printer fleet based on the specific requirements of the business or department and offers the following benefits:

  • Drastically reduced capital cost for devices – In many cases, Tidy are able to offer the devices for free
  • Reduced capital tied up in toner stock
  • Ease of budgeting for future print costs
  • Significantly reduced maintenance or replacement device costs
  • Time savings due to ease of procurement
  • Device specific monitoring of toner levels

In a recent example, Tidy were able to demonstrate a 40% reduction in print-related costs – a saving that goes straight to the bottom line.

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