…Your own team of real people, interested in you

IT Support Tidy Technology Solutions
IT Support is at the core of what we do. We work alongside our clients to ensure that every user within their business has all the help they need, regardless of role or location.

We don’t have Bronze, Silver or Gold levels and we don’t charge on the clock. All our clients receive the same high quality, personable, friendly and immediate access to our team on an unlimited 24/7 basis. We’re not interested in “kit lists”; we support your business, your people and all your devices.

We don’t do jargon and we don’t have confusing SLA’s – just a team who you phone if you ever have a problem or need some advice – and who will then proactively deal with any issue on your behalf.

Our Helpdesk offers:

  • A dedicated, direct dial telephone number, available to your whole team
  • One number to call for any Technology related issue
  • A support team that knows your people and your company
  • A support team that wants to talk to you – not to just wait for the phone to ring
  • A team that takes the time to understand the issue – not to just fix the problem
  • A team that will always keep you updated
  • A team that will always strive to mitigate issues before they happen
  • A team that will constantly be monitoring for reoccurring issues – and will then be fixing the root cause, not just the problem
  • A Team that is available for any technology related calls – from training assistance in Microsoft Office to major IT or Telecoms outages
  • Unlimited access, 24/7 – all for an agreed, fixed price

…Reporting to you as your IT Manager would

IT Support Tidy Technology Solutions

All of our clients have a dedicated Tidy Technology Manager who will visit regularly and become an integral part of your team. We always operate as if were your own internal team, employed directly by you – with the added benefit of having wide experience across many industries and applications.

Our Technology Managers continually keep abreast of new and emerging technologies and we always share knowledge within the Tidy community.

Whether it’s PCs, Macs, servers, mobile devices or databases, your Tidy team will work with your existing technology to make sure it performs well and keeps your business running. We’ll ensure that each and every user is comfortable with their IT and knows they can call us for any issue they may have.

We’ll report to you as you would expect an IT Manager to operate – we’ll track any issues that needed resolving, but more importantly we’ll work with you to plan for the future, give you complete visibility of budgets and ensure that you have Technology Solutions that are optimised for your business now, and into the future.

…A mutually agreed roadmap and a clearly defined budget

IT Support Tidy Technology Solutions

An integral part of the Tidy solution is the way we engage with your business. We deal with all of the day to day issues in our friendly, approachable and proactive manner – but equally important is the high level planning work we do with your business leaders.

It is important to us that what you have today ensures that you have maximum uptime and that any issues are resolved, but we also work with you to plan for the next 3 – 5 years.

Technology is constantly evolving – we are now in the era of the “cloud”, and this will bring many questions and potential huge benefits to most SME’s. It is unlikely however that it will be a single source solution for any business.

Our responsibility is to work with you, to fully plan any infrastructure changes, any broadband speed upgrades, any device replacement schedules, and a whole host of other interconnected Technology options that will form the basis of your infrastructure moving forwards.

We work alongside you and continually discuss your business drivers and budgets, and ensure that the cost benefit equation is always balanced in your favour. You will always have complete visibility of all Technology related expenses, and any future changes or upgrades will be planned well in advance and will be right for your business.

For more information about our services and how we can help, please call us today on 01908 760 017 or email us at sales@tidytechsolutions.co.uk

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