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IT Security Tidy Technology Solutions

IT Security is of paramount importance to Tidy and our clients. It also encompasses many different areas. Tidy work individually with each client to ensure the security of their networks and data.

Areas for consideration are:

Access Control

It is essential to have a reliable, robust and secure firewall as the first line of defence for in-house systems and networks

Email Security

Most viruses are delivered either via email or through website code. Emails can be scanned for malicious content either in the “cloud” i.e. before they actually reach the client network, or using a server based scanning tool prior to onward delivery to the destination mailbox.

Workstation security

In addition to server-side Anti-Virus monitoring, we always advocate a workstation specific scanning and monitoring tool.

In addition to network protection and antivirus strategies, Tidy also have a range of additional security processes deployable:

Network Penetration Testing

On a regular basis, Tidy are able to mount an “attack” on client networks in order to sanity check security protocols and report on any system and network vulnerabilities.

Encryption Software

Occasionally it is necessary to have specific highly sensitive data encrypted. This can be set on an ad-hoc or global basis dependent on the application requirements.

Backup testing

Having a robust and scaleable backup solution is the highest priority for every business. Tidy are able to implement a wide range of technologies to ensure the success and reliability of backup processes. Equally important however is a regular check on the validity of the backed up data. Tidy are able to simulate an entire system failure and then attempt to recover our clients infrastructure from the latest backed-up media. This forms an essential part of any IT Security solution.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Working alongside our clients, Tidy regularly produce a full recovery plan that can be enacted should disaster strike. If the worst were to happen, it is essential that there are a clearly defined set of processes that occur in order to get all systems operational as quickly as possible.

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