…Every business has differing requirements

Infrastructure & Hosting Tidy Technology Solutions
The physical location of a business’s infrastructure is one of the most important points to consider and is a multi-faceted decision. More and more applications now have hosted options and the development of datacentre and cloud hosting platforms can now deliver the required computing power and storage requirements at a price point that is accessible to SME’s.

The general improvements in Broadband connectivity and reliability, and the increase in mobile and flexible working have also helped many businesses to reduce costs and management requirements by moving some of their infrastructure to an external location.

The days of every business purchasing all of their own hardware and running the entirety of their own IT infrastructure in house are gone. However it is imperative that all of the benefits and possible pitfalls are fully evaluated prior to moving any infrastructure off-site.

The reality is that every business has differing requirements and Tidy are able to leverage both public and private cloud hosting providers, in addition to being able to offer our own Hosting platform.

All issues such as cost, resilience, accessibility, security, usability, scalability and functionality must all be fully evaluated. The Tidy approach is always on our clients behalf – ensuring that they have the infrastructure solution that is right for them.

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