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We are proud to be partnered with LG Ericsson to offer their award winning IPECS LIK system for in-house applications.

The IPECS system is a fully scalable solution for businesses of 10 – 3000 users. It offers all of the benefits of the latest technology platform and is fully configurable on a client by client basis in order to ensure that the maximum functionality is offered.

There are a wide variety of out-of-the-box functions, and additional applications can be easily added if required.

The system is priced on a licencing model – meaning that clients only pay for the number of extensions or handsets that they need – there is no huge upfront system cost – hence the latest technology is available for all clients.

IPECS can also be deployed as a Hybrid solution – meaning that the benefits of VoIP can be partnered with the resilience and reliability of ISDN connectivity.

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