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Every organisation large or small needs a disaster recovery plan. Put simply it is having the ability to respond to an interruption in services by implementing a plan to restore an organisation’s critical business functions.

There are many ways to achieve the peace of mind that a disaster recovery plan is in place, and plans will be entirely bespoke to each individual organisation. Your Tidy team are experienced in planning and implementing DR plans – and in regularly testing them to ensure that they actually work.

Research has recently been undertaken by The London Chamber of Commerce, Information Age and Aveco – some pertinent statistics are shown below:

  • 20% of all companies will suffer fire, theft, flood or storm damage, power failures, terrorism or hardware/software disaster. Of those without a business continuity plan 43% will never re-open and  80% will fail within 13 months.
  • Less than 50% of all organisations have a business continuity plan.
  • 43% of companies that do have a business continuity plan do not test it annually.
  • 80% of companies have not developed any crisis management to provide IT coverage sufficient to keep the business functioning effectively.

Your Tidy team can work with you to put a DR or Business Continuity plan in place that is right for your organisation. We can also regularly test it to ensure that it works, and can implement it for you if the need were ever to arise. Our proactive partnership approach to supporting our clients can also help to ensure that it is never actually needed.

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