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BYOD – Bring Your Own Device – has become a hot topic in recent years. Today’s workforce are far more connected than ever before and many have multiple devices both at home and in the office.

Many employees want to choose their own laptop, their own phone and their own tablet – and it can often be an inconvenience to have two of each device – one for home and one for work.

For employers, there are many considerations – why not empower employees to choose their own devices? There is an inevitable cost saving in hardware, but how to secure or control network access and how to manage business applications that are installed on an employee-owned device?

There are many tools now available to allow organisations to introduce a safe and secure BYOD policy. These range from network monitoring and access tools, to private app stores and cloud-delivered business applications.

As with everything in the world of IT, there are many things to consider, and varying ways to achieve the end goal. Tidy work closely with our clients to ensure that the best solution, tailored to their specific business is delivered, managed and maintained.

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